Social Consumer Awareness Campaign

AOL: SafeSocial


Create widespread visibility of AOL’s launch of SafeSocial, a tool designed for parents to monitor their children on social networks in an effort to protect them from cyberbullying, inappropriate discussions and keep them safe from potential predators.


Create SafeSocial teen internet safety campaign and utilize various tools and techniques to generate mass coverage and a need for AOL’s social monitoring tool:

– Leverage cyberbullying and “digital grounding” as a recent trend and showcase SafeSocial as solution for parents.

– Conduct research via Nielsen on teens/parents actions and behaviors in social media to create a timing hook and original research to secure media interest.

– Enlist various experts on the issue of child safety, internet safety and to provide commentary and insights for media interviews on the issue.

– Secure and coordinate in-person briefings with editors of long-lead magazines to demonstrate SafeSocial and reveal new research on teen/parent social media behavior.


The SafeSocial campaign secured widespread visibility by reaching target audiences through national and local media coverage in outlets, such as, CBS Early Show, Wall Street Journal, ABC TechBytes, TechCrunch, Parents Magazine, ABC CyberShake Radio and hundreds of local media outlets nationwide.