Student Breakfast Awareness Campaign

Breakfast in the Classroom: Nationwide School Breakfast Program


Launch and sustain visibility over five years for Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom, educate school districts about the benefits serving breakfast to all students in the classroom and dispel the misconceptions of waste associated with the new school feeding model.


Build a multi-year, communications campaign to address the critical issue and showcase participating schools at the national and local level.

Components include:

– Develop clear and compelling communications messages and materials built on scientific research, leveraging the credibility and strength of the partners to eliminate negative perceptions of serving breakfast in the classroom.

– Embark on a proactive campaign to engage influencers and win support of key audiences through in-market school events, local partner communications and comprehensive media outreach campaign.

– Develop and launch updated website along with key social networks, to provide audiences with easy access to program information, news and helpful materials.

– Launch redesigned website providing districts, media and parents with the latest program news, program information, toolkits and more.


Campaign secured featured morning show segments in every local market, and an average of seven media placements in each target market including FOX News Radio, CNN Radio, Orlando Sentinel, Dallas Morning News, Memphis Commercial Appeal and an editorial by the Washington Post Editorial Board emphasizing the importance of in-classroom breakfast.

All coverage was positive, mitigating negative perceptions around serving breakfast in the classroom, and 100% of media coverage explained the link between children’s access to breakfast and school performance.

Campaign provided opportunity for local organization collaboration in markets, which helped drive parents and community leaders to become vocal advocates and increased interest in the program.