Branding & Consumer Awareness Campaign


Global Integrated Awareness Campaign



Create a fully integrated campaign to raise awareness worldwide of Globe-athon To End Women’s Cancers, a privately funded grassroots movement of everyday people, patients, and medical professionals working together to raise awareness of prevention, screening and treatment options for gynecologic cancers including ovarian, cervical, uterine, vaginal and vulvar cancers. Move partners and communities to host, promote, and attend Globe-athon events in the month of September.


Develop an integrated communications strategy to create awareness of the Globe-athon movement and accompanying events on a global level. Fine tune Globe-athon brand and message to create clear and concise brand voice and assets across all communications channels.

Program elements:

– Improve global user experience on the website, adding language translation capabilities, improving host registration forms, and creating calls to action to drive user-generated content.

– Generate a widespread global following on social media channels, sharing educational, engaging, and promotional messaging to drive action.

– Conduct local, national, and global media outreach and drive visibility to announce, build buzz, and launch annual Globe-athon events.

– Provide a wide array of support to partner organizations, event hosts, and advisory board members.



Global & Local Reach

Throughout the campaign, 208 awareness events were held in 71 countries, a 60% increase over the prior year.

– More than 111.9 million steps were logged for the Globe-athon STEPtember Pledge, providing a simple unifying action people could take to help raise awareness of gynecologic cancers.

Digital Activity

The website experienced a 30% increase in unique visitors over previous years with Facebook serving as the #1 referrer of traffic to the website.

– Globe-athon’s Facebook page increased to more than 100,000 followers compared to the previous year – a nearly 3,000% increase.

– The website generated a large volume of useful in-bound user-generated content ranging from videos, to images, to blog posts.

– Reached 11.6 million people with messages on Facebook and Twitter, a 4,317% increase from the prior year.

Partnerships, Media & Brand Engagement

– Leveraged 156 relationships with partners, event hosts, advocacy groups, and advisory board members, providing consistent support including social media content, event host toolkits, posters, postcards, local news release templates, and more.

– Organically recruited 11 brand ambassadors, who wrote blog posts sharing personal stories, hosted events, and evangelized on behalf of the movement.

– Secured significant high-profile national, international and local market media placements, such as Everyday Health, Fox News Radio, Voice of America, AllAfrica, El, China Daily, and Sirius Satellite Radio’s Doctor Radio.