Minority Education Awareness Campaign

Tour for Diversity in Medicine


– Raise awareness about The Tour For Diversity In Medicine, and their mission to encourage minority students to pursue health care careers.

– Promote the actual bus tours that travel to colleges and high schools across the nation with physician mentors working to encourage greater diversity in the medical and dental professions.

– Increase awareness among undergraduate students attending historically black colleges and universities, as well as high school students about the Tour, and the available workshops delivering advice and tools students need to pursue medical careers.


– Conduct and leverage secondary research to generate and magnify national and local media visibility for the Tours.

– Educate audiences on the need for increased diversity in medical school enrollment as a way to increase the number of future minority physicians.

– Collaborate with African-American mentors to reach college and high school students with real-life stories, and engage audiences in person and online to bring the cause to life.


Targeted national and local media outreach resulted in more than 2,150 students at 17 colleges, universities and high schools, including five historically black colleges and universities enrolling in full-day, interactive workshops presented by tour mentors.

100% of the national and in-market media covered mentioned the organization, while 69% included quotes from organizers or spokespeople.

National and in-market broadcast, print and online media secured included the Associated Press, Huffington Post, The Root, NPR, Washington Post, and Chronicle of Philanthropy, reaching key audiences with messages about the tour, as well as the need for diversity in medicine.