Prove Value in Your 2018 Campaigns: Start with a Measurement Strategy

Make some noise, move the needle, elevate the issue, drive engagement or change behavior. These phrases could all be outcomes to show a campaign’s effectiveness, but without a proper plan to measure these outcomes, they’re just “PR speak” with no provability. When building your campaign, ask two questions that will make or break the ability to demonstrate value.

1) What do we want to measure that will align with the campaign’s objectives?
2) How are we going to measure those tactics?

Don’t let campaign measurement be an afterthought. Set a measurement strategy that will demonstrate your campaign’s effectiveness. Start with the following:

• Visualize Your End Game First
During campaign planning, crystallize what the campaign is meant to accomplish and make sure its tangible. If your goals are the least bit ambiguous, you won’t be able to measure them and prove your campaign’s value.

• Take a Critical Eye to Your Goals
It’s important to have big aspirations, but it’s more essential to know the difference between an unreasonable goal and one that your campaign can achieve…or even measure. Make sure your campaign goals are aligned with your budget, resources, campaign assets, tactics and timing to get the job done. If your campaign is meant to change behavior, but you only have a small budget and smaller window of time to make it happen, think about attainable goals that will set the stage for follow-on campaigns that can change behavior over time.

• Measure with the Right Criteria
Whether your campaign goal is to drive reach, awareness, action or change, you’ll never know if you made an impact without using the right criteria to measure. Here’s a quick guide to help you measure the right campaign output:

Building a campaign measurement strategy is critical to proving your campaign’s value and setting benchmarks for future campaign planning. Find out how we can help you set your strategy and build a campaign to meet that strategy today.

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