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Service offerings that drive innovation, creativity & results.

We deliver message and strategic planning, short-term and long-term communications development, audience segmentation and analysis, competitor analysis, and qualitative and quantitative research.

We collaborate with clients to deliver marketing and positioning strategy, communications launches, media relations, influencer and stakeholder mapping, employee engagement, partnership development and issue preparedness.

By supporting platform and partnership development, events and employee engagement, BRG matches a client’s brand with an appropriate nonprofit organization, to ensure message credibility and reach can be effectively amplified.

Through community activation, media outreach, advertising, partnerships, social media strategy development and more, we help you spark meaningful discussions that propel your messages to the forefront of consumers’ minds.

By offering alliance building, advocacy summit engagement, influencer and stakeholder mapping, community relations and train the trainer programs, we help clients amplify messages.

Through medical meetings, FDA advisory committee meetings, data promotion and health campaigns, we effectively translate scientific research into messages that are digestible to effectively reach audiences.

Through trade and business media relations, strategic sponsorships, executive speaking engagements, advertising and marketing collateral, we have the expertise and capabilities to drive return for our clients.

Utilizing marketing and positioning strategy, product placements, media relations, event marketing, sales support and social media, BRG creates product buzz that drives results.

Through services, including brand research and analysis, messaging, audience testing, identity packaging, brand design and development, and marketing collateral, we align brand strategy with goals to ensure success on all levels.

Whether implementing a consumer or trade media campaign, satellite or radio media tours, desk-side briefing tours, live or virtual press events, or conducting media analysis or media training, we secure results that exceed client expectations.

By providing brand and competitor audits, content strategy development, brand ambassador programs, social media measurement, we help clients build awareness, generate action and create a loyal following on social media.

Through website development, blog strategy and blogger ambassador programs, SEM and SEO, email marketing, podcasts and webinars, we provide our clients with the tools that allow them to engage, compete and excel in the digital space.