Erin DeGiorgi, Marketing Director

Erin DeGiorgi
Marketing Director

Erin DeGiorgi is a marketing director at BRG Communications (BRG), leading agency and client marketing and communications programs that deliver measurable results. She is skillful at communicating about key science, health and safety issues to reach audiences through national, local and trade media, social, website, email and events.

With 10 years of agency and in-house practice, Erin has experience in driving brand awareness campaigns, product and service launches, research and partnership announcements and more. She is dedicated and goal-oriented, which allows her to excel in leading teams to achieve objectives within the project scope and timeline.

Erin has worked with clients, including Massachusetts General Hospital, Red Five, American Osteopathic Association, the Heart Rhythm Society, National Center for Healthy Housing, Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom and Walmart Foundation.

Erin graduated from George Mason University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and minor in Business.