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3 Tips to Make Your Call-to-Action User-Friendly

Donate now, share, volunteer, vote, sign here, snap a photo, pour a bucket of ice on your head, wear pink. As consumers, we have hundreds of cause campaigns telling us to do something at any given time. But have you noticed which campaign calls-to-action actually...

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Six Social Engagement Tips for Conference Attendees

Attending conferences is pricey, often involves travel and means time out of the office, so getting the most out of it is important to see the value in going to them. As you prepare to attend a conference, here is a checklist with six social...

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WEBINAR: Is It Time to Rebrand?

Whether it is due to a merger, new leadership, changing audience demographics or to just keep pace with the competition, at some point all organizations come to the question “Is it time rebrand”?  During this webinar on September 17, 2019, BRG Communications Founder and President,...

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Activating the Modern Consumer

What if consumers cared about experiences over things, prioritized their health, solicited their digital neighbor for reviews and applied conscience-forward thinking to their purchasing behaviors? Well, that consumer is alive and, on its way, to being the majority for brands to target.

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Media Interview Safe Zone: Avoid the Interview or Properly Prepare?

There are strategic moments for a healthcare organization’s spokesperson to be visible in the media, and most assuredly moments to stay quiet no matter the interview topic. However, many organization leaders enact an ongoing policy to shy away from media interviews altogether in fear of getting...

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5 Ways to Differentiate Your Medical Meeting Through Media Relations

It seems like the list of annual medical conferences grows longer year after year. How do you make your meeting stand out from the rest? One key to success is to implement a creative and strategic media plan.

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