How To Donate Supplies To A School In Need This Fall

donate supplies to schools

It feels like summer outside, but many children are going back to school. Over the last few years, school budgets nationwide have been slashed and teachers are hurting for classroom supplies. Some schools send large supply lists home with students. Others, especially those in areas of poverty, do they best they can with the supplies they have. On top of that, many teachers spend their own money to make sure kids in their classroom have the supplies they need to learn.

Teacher Rewards

On Tuesday, we helped Walmart launch Teacher Rewards. Walmart will be donating up to $4.5 million to help 90,000 teachers in the U.S. purchase needed classroom supplies. Starting later this month, more than 4,600 Walmart stores, distribution centers and Sam’s Club locations will be able to select one local K-8 public school and donate supplies to 20 teachers in that school $50 rewards cards. Teachers will be able to use the rewards cards for essential classroom supplies.

Take personal action to help local teachers obtain supplies for their classroom

Wellness is our passion, and education has a strong tie to wellness. We believe positive change happens when people take small action steps to help others. Parents and teachers, you may connect with the school supply issue more than others, but anyone can make a difference. If we all donated one classroom supply, together we’d have a positive effect.

Here are some simple things you can do today to contribute to classroom supplies to a school in your local area, or anywhere!

  • Use your child’s supply list. If you are a parent of a school-aged child, buy the school supplies on your child’s supply list and buy an extra set. There may be a child in need in your son or daughter’s classroom.
  • Ask the teacher. Ask your child’s teacher what supplies they need. If you don’t have a child, call the front desk of your local school and ask them what supplies are needed. Often teachers spend their own money on items they haven’t formally requested.
  • Give a gift card. Give your teacher a gift card to a store that sells school supplies. This is a great gift because it enables a teacher to stock up on a supply when they run low.
  • Make a basket. Drop a gift basket full of basic supplies at a school in need.
  • Donate one thing. Buy and donate one box or crayons, or one package of pens. If you don’t have money to spend, donate a supply in your house that you no longer use. Donations don’t have to be large or costly. Every item makes a difference.
  • Give books. Donate books your child no longer reads to the lower grades. Alternatively, pick up some children’s books the next time you are at a garage sale and donate those books to your local elementary school.
  • Donate used electronics. Schools are especially in need of old computers and printers.
  • Donate money online. There are a number of organizations that enable you to donate money to schools nationwide. Examples: Donor’s Choose and Adopt a Classroom.
What small actions do you take to help your local schools? Tweet us @brgliving and let us know.