Live From The New Media Expo (Formerly BlogWorld)

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 9.16.55 AM Good morning from New Media Expo (the conference formerly known as BlogWorld)! Throughout the next three days we’ll be posting some blogs and Tweeting from @BRGLiving throughout the sessions so you can follow along. One of our favorite sessions of the conference has always been The Business of Influence, Digital Influencer Report. It is presented by Technorati Media and it’s chock full of really interesting statistics. This morning we’ll be sharing those stats live beginning at 9:40 PST.

Presenting for Technorati: Shani Higgins

10:11: Here come some key findings from the upcoming 2013 Digital Influencer Report. Report will be released on February 1. All updates below refer to data shared by Shani herself. 10:15: How do influencers monitor influence? Top social media metric for influencers are page views, Facebook likes, Twitter followers, blog comments, unique viewers, and retweets. They aren’t looking toward e-mail shares. 10:17: Top comparison tools influencers use against peers include Twitter followers (40%) and Facebook likes (36%). They are mostly tracking those metrics via Google Analytics. 10:19: How do brands monitor influence? Brands are monitoring reach, Facebook likes and shares, actual web traffic, links to content, comments and sentiment. Shani contends that when reach is the top success factor, this is a flaw. Influence can be greatest in the smallest communities. 10:20: Brands are looking to ComScore and Nielsen for influence. These don’t favor the smaller brands and less known bloggers. They also look toward Facebook likes to determine a blogger’s influence. 10:21: Revenue trends for influencers. Influencers are participating in contests and product giveaways to make money (55) and sponsored posts (49%). Influencers make most of their revenue from banner ads on their site followed by text ads and affilate links. 10:23: How much money do influencers make per year? 55% of influencers make less than $1,000 a year. 9% make $30,000 or more. 10:25: Brands will increase mobile spending by 79% next year. Brands spend most on Facebook (58%), YouTube (13%), Twitter (12%), influencer marketing and blogs. 47% of influencers feel they are most influential on Facebook. Consumers share data from Facebook the most (57%). 10:28: Influencers make most of their money by creating custom videos for brands. They also make a good deal of their money by participating in brand ambassador programs. True influencers are being approached directly. PR agencies are approaching them the most to participate in products. They also find brand opportunities on Facebook on Twitter. How? They follow those brands on Facebook and Twitter. Influencers are also working with agents to find brand opportunities. Influencers are educated and affluent. They are writing about brands a lot, and following them. Here’s a key point: Brands and influencers are NOT using the same tools to measure success and influence. 10:30: If you’re an influencer, how do you grow influence, and increase value?
  • Ads are more helpful on blogs than on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Less is more when it comes to ad formats and sizes.
  • Don’t settle for AdSense.
  • Video reviews, demos and commentary are in high demand.
  • Create a mobile version of your blog/site and optimize content.
10:33: Influencers, what else can you do? Package and promote your influence to brands. Follow brands online. Think about the mediums wherein you have influence. Set up with a network that can help bring better sponsor opportunities to you. Stay authentic. To get a copy of the report go to: While you’re here, you may like our other posts from New Media Expo: New Media Expo 2013: Highlight Reel and The Best Social Media Statistics from NMX – And Why You Should Care.