Advancing Health, Behavior and Social Change


Communications for Better Living™ is centered around helping businesses and individuals elevate daily living in unique and dynamic ways.

Whether at the doctor’s office, on the playground, at the grocery store, in the workplace, at home or on-the-go, living better is an aspiration for people every day. With this aspiration comes a need for awareness and effective education that helps people advance towards improved lifestyle choices.

BRG is at the forefront of communications programs that address critical social issues, provide people with the tools needed to live better and ultimately create positive behavioral changes. We work with corporations, nonprofit organizations and trade associations that make homes and families safer, introduce groundbreaking medical devices and pharmaceuticals to patients in need, empower people to act in the name of their own wellness, bring awareness to disease and preventative care, close gaps in disparities of care and more.

By specializing in B2B and B2C clients focused on improving safety, health, wellness and social issues, we deliver Communications for Better Living™.