It’s Better with BRG.

BRG’s award-winning Safety, Health, and Wellness communications focus on:

Brand Building & Reputation

Having your brand connect to your target audience through trust, relevance, and authenticity is the key to success.

Whether creating an ownable thought leadership platform, sustaining brand reputation through major business changes, navigating complex issues, or demonstrating purpose through CSR and social impact initiatives, BRG makes the connections that elevate leading causes and brands to deliver better living for you and your target audience.

BRG's expertise spans:

  • Employee or Member Engagement
  • CSR & Sustainability Initiatives
  • Annual Reports & Collateral
  • Cause Campaigns
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Issues Management
  • C-Suite & Key Management Transitions

Better Scientific Communications.

Scientific evidence. Data-driven insights. Pivotal stories that can change hearts and minds.

BRG are experts at digging into complex issues and mining for data that can bring a story based on facts and evidence to life.


Whether managing scientific sessions press activity, promoting new data in a peer-reviewed journal, launching cutting-edge products, or developing a KOL influencer strategy, BRG always leads with the science to deliver communications for better living in safety, health, and wellness for all.

BRG's expertise spans:

  • Trial/Study Promotion
  • Scientific Sessions/Medical Meeting Support
  • Scientific Journal Monitoring
  • FDA Communications and Panel Support
  • Clinical Trial Recruitment and Patient Registries
  • Product Launches
  • Physician Education (Grand Rounds, CME
  • FDA Post-Marketing Surveillance

Advocacy, Education & Awareness

The right words can change people’s minds, change people’s behaviors, and change the world.

BRG is laser-focused on what uniquely captivates and motivates audiences.


Whether you’re looking to shift perceptions, amplify voices, or change conduct, BRG’s integrated campaigns spotlight misunderstood issues, inform decision making, and illuminate pathways to desired outcomes. BRG’s award-winning campaigns create better living by moving audiences from awareness to action.

BRG's expertise spans:

  • Consumer Education
  • Influencer Engagement
  • Professional Peer-to-Peer Education
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Grassroots Activation
  • Employee and Member Campaigns

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