Aetna Foundation:

Empowering 50 Communities for Better Health

About this Project:

Recognizing that your zip code can impact health more than your genetic code, Aetna Foundation, American Public Health Association and National Association of Counties called on BRG to help create and launch the Healthiest Cities & Counties Challenge (HCCC). The Challenge empowered 50 communities to tackle their most pressing health issues. Outreach resulted in 4,800+ national and local placements, and 790K+ social impressions across all 50 finalists.


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About the Aetna Foundation:

The Aetna Foundation is the independent charitable and philanthropic arm of Aetna.

“Here is my prescription: Our leaders must recognize the impact that social determinants of health have on our communities. In the United States in 2017, there should not be one person living with the life expectancy of their ancestors from 1917 due to things we have the power to change.”

Dr. Garth Graham, President, Aetna Foundation in Fortune

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