American Cleaning Institute:

Protecting Children from Unintentional Exposure to Laundry Packets

About this Project:

To help reduce the number of unintentional exposures to liquid laundry packets, ACI brought on BRG to activate a strategic, large-scale communications campaign to elevate mindfulness with an urgency to act, generate target audience engagement beyond awareness, and leverage local ambassadors from local media to parenting influencers to spread the message of safely keeping packets up and away from children. With the Packets Up! campaign, BRG established 4 partnerships with trusted healthcare, government, consumer, and advocacy voices, secured over 225 million impressions, and more than doubled engagement.


Advocacy, Awareness and Education

About American Cleaning Institute:

The American Cleaning Institute is the credible voice for the $59 billion U.S. cleaning products industry.

“Keeping the product in the package is a simple step to a safer home. ACI’s ‘Store Not Décor’ campaign, part of Packets Up!, reminds parents and caregivers to never sacrifice safety for style and keep liquid laundry packets out of sight and reach of children and in their original containers.”

Brian Sansoni, Senior Vice President, Communications & Outreach, American Cleaning Institute

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