Home Safety Council:

Making Safety a Priority in Homes Across America

About this Project:

For more than a decade, BRG worked to bring attention to the critical issue of home-related injuries.  From developing HSC’s initial brand to managing all external communications, grassroots network, sponsor initiatives, school-based programs and award-winning awareness campaigns, our team put life-saving messages in the hands of millions of homeowners across the nation.


Through our ongoing marketing and communications efforts leveraging true influencers (community leaders, first responders, educators, media, families), we drove parents, caregivers and homeowners to make real changes to prevent injuries within their home.


Awareness & Education

About Home Safety Council:

Home Safety Council long stood as the only national nonprofit organization solely dedicated to preventing home-related injuries that result in nearly 20,000 deaths and 21 million medical visits on average each yea. Their impact led to merging with Safe Kids Worldwide. Safe Kids Worldwide is a global non-profit organization working to prevent childhood injury through research, community outreach, legislative advocacy and media awareness campaigns.

``If you have young children, baby-proofing your home should be a top priority. But a new survey by the Home Safety Council found that not all parents are quite sure how to do it. And some don't think they have the time to do that. Every year in the U.S., nearly 2,000 children die and millions more are injured because of accidents in the home. By taking simple precautions, many of those incidents could be prevented.``

- CBS News

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