American Cleaning Institute:

Leading with a Credible Voice on COVID-19 Cleaning & Hygiene Communications

About this Project:

The American Cleaning Institute and BRG set out in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to educate consumers on best cleaning practices and proper product usage amidst the landscape of conflicting, inaccurate, and unproven cleaning and hygiene claims.


By identifying consumer knowledge gaps through new national research, BRG activated a strategic, large-scale communications campaign that provided clarity while ensuring consumer trust in the cleaning products industry. The campaign encompassed extensive media relations, a creative use of influencers and creating unique campaigns for businesses, primary and secondary schools, childcare facilities, college and universities. 


Garnering 2.8+ billion impressions in 2,475+ placements including TIME Magazine, Today Show, Entrepreneur, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Real Simple, The Washington Post. ACI’s website also became a sought-after resource receiving 25% YOY growth.


Brand Building and Reputation

About American Cleaning Institute:

The American Cleaning Institute is the credible voice for the $59 billion U.S. cleaning products industry.

“Communication was absolutely critical. We made sure we communicated with members, the news media, consumers and retailers on what was changing and what they needed to know to make sure they were using our products effectively.”

Melissa Hockstad, CEO, American Cleaning Institute

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