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Facebook Timeline For Pages: Content Still Matters

Facebook brand pages

Content still matters with Facebook’s Business Timeline pages. Facebook still measures content with EdgeRank. So what is different?

With the new visibility settings, brands have more control over user-generated content

  • Brands can hide user-generated posts, and unhide them as they wish.
  • Brands have the option to moderate user content before it appears on the wall.
  • Brands can now give warnings to that post inappropriate or unrelated content.
  • Brands can block fans.

Note: Brands cannot control friend activity. If a friend tags a brand in a post, a user will see that comment when they visit the brand page. Brands cannot hide these posts from friends.

Fans can directly engage brands

  • Fans can now directly message brands.
  • Bands can’t initiate a message to a user, but they can respond.
  • Brands will be able to see these messages on the administration dashboard.

Brands have more control over their own content

  • Brands can “pin” one story to keep it at the top of the Timeline. This “pin” expires every seven days.
  • Brands can “star” stories to feature them by expanding their width.
  • Brands can tell the story of their company from the year 1800 to present day with milestones.
  • Brands can backdate posts to feature them further down on the Timeline.
  • Real time insights are on the way. Brands will no longer have to wait 24 hours to see what content sticks.

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We will keep sharing as Pages evolve. Have you converted your Facebook business page to the new Timeline format? Tweet us @BRGLiving and let us know.

Image: Flickr, MadLabUK, Creative Commons ShareAlike 2.0 Generic