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PR Week Healthcare Conference Takeaways


We’re grateful to PR Week for hosting its annual Healthcare Awards & Conference this spring. There’s a strong sense of mission in that room. The messages we collectively carry forth –  on chronic disease management, early detection of cancer, the health and safety of healthcare workers, vaccination and more – can help save lives.

BRG and our peers constantly evolve to meet the more complex needs of healthcare clients and those they serve. Tactically, that translates to a much broader approach than just earned media and, in a recurring theme of the conference, expertise in content development. Some interesting takeaways:

  • The co-founder of August, a “period positive” consumer brand noted that “content is everything” in reaching its Gen Z target audience, saying “integration into our [daily] lives is the way in” and noting that its social content that tends to generate the brand’s earned media opportunities.
  • Reputation management drives leading pharmaceutical companies, whose representatives said that growing trust in areas like sustainability, public policy and patient advocacy requires brands to be present where the conversation is – in the digital realm. A strong content strategy helps them reach patient groups, healthcare providers, regulators and other stakeholders online.
  • More than one conference speaker addressed the increasing threat posed by healthcare misinformation. To be a source of truth, companies must create and promote their own content for external audiences and to arm employees (primary brand ambassadors) with current and accurate intelligence to share.
  • With the rapid integration of AI into both healthcare and public information systems, communications leaders must begin to consider how AI figures into reputation management – how are brands making their content discoverable in this new age?


The practice of PR has never been limited to a single tactic. As consumer behavior evolves, we keep up. Today that means developing compelling content and smart digital strategies to reach and move target audiences. And in the mission-driven healthcare space, that can make all the difference.

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