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5 Useful Tools for Content Curation

Finding topics to blog about can be challenging, especially if you write for a brand. Fortunately, ideas are abundant online if you know where to look.

Try these 5 tools to help you sort through the noise to find uniquely relevant content:

Content Curation Tools

  1. Feedly: Feedly is a news aggregation tool, meaning you can “subscribe” to your favorite online news publications, and read them all in one place. Popular stories are presented up top so you never miss a trend. You can also save articles for later. For an extra fee, you can integrate your Feedly account with Evernote. Dropbox, and post stories to social networks.
  2. StumbleUpon: Looking to discover new publications? Check out StumbleUpon. Enter your interests, and click “stumble” to see relevant websites you may not have seen before.
  3. Reddit: Reddit is a bookmarking site/social network that collects user-submitted stories and news, and features them based on user rankings. Reddit is a great place to find new stories by niche topic (in subreddits) and the latest trending news- often before mainstream media. Warning: Some Reddit content is not suitable for work.
  4. Google Trends: You can use Google Trends to research specific topics to find news related patterns, or you can stay up to date with the latest trending Google searches. Check out the trends relating to the Oscars, for example. You’ll note the predictable bump in searches every February.
  5. BuzzSumo: Are you looking for content specific to a key term? Check out BuzzSumo. You can filter your search by date, find trending articles, discover influencers, and more. If you want real-time alerts and analytics, they have a paid offering worth exploring.

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