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A Better Prescription for Telling Impactful Patient Stories: 5 Questions to Ask


Shift from Awareness to Action

Do the stories show impact or change? Does the story tie back to a strong call to action for your organization?

Show, Don’t Tell

Are these stories highly visual? Can the story be told easily in 60 seconds? In two minutes?

Reach Your Audiences Where They Are

Fracture the story and reach your audiences where they are already consuming content. Consider every channel fair game: from influencers on TikTok to experts featured in tried and true local print media.

Turn Members into Messengers

Are there ways to increase the reach of your most powerful patient stories? Are there different POVs to share? (such as physician’s perspective or family/caregiver). Look for ways to give these same stories fresh angles for social and media.

Think Beyond the Awareness Month

How can the stories live on throughout the year? Are there authentic ways to tie to emerging news cycles or trends beyond the expected awareness months?


What Makes a Good Story?


  • Entertaining: Engaged and interested in what’s coming next

  • Educational: Spark curiosity and provide something new

  • Universal: Relatable to tap into emotions and experiences

  • Organized: Follow cohesive flow to convey core message

  • Memorable: Through inspiration, humor, or shock – stories stick in the reader’s mind

  • Purposeful: Evokes a reason or action from the audience



Story Components



                  • Who cares?
                  • Who will benefit?
                  • Who will take action?


Core Message

                  • What is the point?
                  • How would you explain in one sentence?


Type of Story

                  • Success Story
                  • Personal/Human
                  • Educate/Inform


Call to Action

                  • What do you want them to know?
                  • What do you want them to do?
                  • Where should they go for more information?



                  • Written
                  • Spoken
                  • Video
                  • Audio


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