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10 Tips To Amplify Great Media Coverage

You secured some outstanding media coverage. Now what?

One of the simplest and most effective things your brand can do to expand the reach and lifespan of news is to proactively share secured media coverage with others. This seems like basic advice, but it is an often skipped step.

amplify media coverage

Try these ten tips:

  1. Share a link to your coverage on your website in a press room or on a “featured articles” page.
  2. Write a related blog post with some additional information, and link to the coverage.
  3. Share links to secured coverage on social networks via brand accounts.
  4. Create an image with a quote from the article and share it online via brand accounts.
  5. Ask your employees to share the news, if they feel comfortable doing so, on personal social networks.
  6. Share a link to the coverage in corporate email signatures for a set period of time.
  7. Send emails to clients, customers or leads that might find value in the news.
  8. Monitor the online conversation around the coverage. Say thank you or engage in conversations when appropriate.
  9. Add a link to the coverage in your newsletter.
  10. Print a copy and display it in a nice frame in the office.

What have you found to be the most effective way to amplify your media coverage? Tell us in the comments!