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Excuses BRG Clients Will Never Hear

Public Relations ResultsDuring our latest internal Lunch and Learn session, Senior Vice President Shannon McDaniel led a discussion about national media campaigns. As he was digging in, he paused to share some excuses agencies often make that BRG clients will never hear after a media campaign. They were too good not to share.

Excuses you’ll never hear us say after a national media campaign:

  • Our media outreach just didn’t work, but you know this is public relations and you can never guarantee coverage!
  • The news cycle was too cluttered to get coverage.
  • Breaking news hindered our efforts.
  • We didn’t get any coverage, but unfortunately we don’t have budget to pitch anymore.
  • This is still a great placement (even if it doesn’t have your message, your company or your campaign in the article).
  • Your spokesperson isn’t media-genic enough.
  • It just wasn’t news.

Some of the bullets made us laugh, because we’ve been in the PR industry for a long time, and we’ve heard all of the excuses on the list at one time or another. Excuses are just not part of BRG’s DNA. We’re in the business of delivering results, which is one of the many things our clients rely on us for.