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BRG Helps Local Nonprofit Mentor Girls for Future Success

This past weekend, BRG hosted a workshop for Girls Inspired and Ready to Lead, Inc. (GIRL)’s Pathways to Careers Networking Luncheon. GIRL is a local Virginia nonprofit that BRG has partnered with over the last year to help support teenage girls in the area prepare for future success in school and their careers.

BRG team members, Maureen Salazar and Katy Frame, led the workshop focused on helping these girls develop personal pitches for networking and how to authentically represent themselves on social media. Each girl left the workshop with hands-on tips to build their personal brands and advice on how to use social media for networking as they research colleges and meet professionals in fields that they are interested in pursuing.

“It was a pleasure to be invited back to speak to the young women who are a part of GIRL and learn more about their goals and interests. Each of them showed an eagerness to learn and confidence in sharing their ambitions for the rest of high school, college and beyond. I’m excited to see what they do next.” – Maureen Salazar, Senior Account Manager, BRG Communications

Supporting GIRL has given BRG a great opportunity to engage with the future leaders of tomorrow, inspire these young girls with confidence and the tools to pursue their dreams, and make an impact in the local community.

“It was an honor to be able to spend time with the bright young women of GIRL to help them further refine their personal pitch. While building your personal brand is an evolution that can take years, even decades, the girls were able to showcase their aspirations during the workshop for college and future careers as chemists, engineers and lawyers, among others, with confidence and poise.” – Katy Frame, Senior Account Manager, BRG Communications

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