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Bridging The Health Divide With mHealth (Infographic)

Do you ever use your phone to look up health related information? If so, you’re in good company. More and more people are accessing health information via their phones, and in many cases, people are finding solutions they didn’t have access to before. Especially in vulnerable communities, many have limited access to health care and preventative services. Mobile Health, or mHealth, technologies could help change that reality.

Who can benefit from digital mobile health technology?

Digital health technology offers a powerful way to reach people where they are spending time – at school, at church, in their neighborhoods and on the go with real-time solutions that easily fit into their daily lives. Recent Pew mobile technology research showed:

  • 91% of Americans have a cell phone. Click to Tweet this!
  • 55% of Americans have a smartphone, and nearly 25% of America’s low-income adults own a smartphone. Click to Tweet this!
  • 31 percent of cell phone owners used their phones to look for health information in 2012, up from 17 percent two years earlier. Click to Tweet this!
  • Latinos, African Americans and people between the ages of 18-49 are more likely than other groups to access health information on their mobile devices. Click to Tweet this!

The Aetna Foundation’s Digital Health Initiative

Today the Aetna Foundation announced more than $1.2 million in grants to support the use of digital health technology, including initiatives to reach vulnerable and minority populations. Over the next three years, Aetna Foundation will give a total of $4 million in grants to support digital health programs.

Aetna Foundation Digital Health Infographic

Communications For Better Living™

We love working with clients like Aetna Foundation because they are working to help people take everyday actions that could help them lead healthier lives. As mobile phone adoption continues to increase in vulnerable populations, programs like Aetna Foundation’s Digital Health Initiative could have a huge impact in making health care more accessible to all.

To learn more about Aetna Foundation’s commitment to digital health, click here.

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