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Building Blocks for a Successful Influencer Marketing Program


Influencer engagement has quickly become an essential component of a comprehensive marketing strategy. In fact, the global influencer marketing market is expected to reach a record $24 billion this year. Before you pitch a partnership to an influencer, you need to have an understanding of how to build successful influencer relationships. BRG’s best practices for building a better influencer marketing program include:

  • Establish Goals: Determine what you want an influencer program to achieve. BRG clients may leverage influencers to spark engagement or conversation on a new social channel, develop authentic stories that can be repurposed or drive conversation around priority issues. Goals will inform which influencers are the right fit.


  • Develop a Reasonable Timeline: While influencers may be interested in the opportunity, engagement really comes down to timing. Make sure the timeline includes enough room for negotiation, content creation, and review.


  • Define the Audience: Influencers often have a very specific set of followers. One creator may not reach every audience of interest, so it is important to clarify which is most important.


  • Establish a Budget: Influencers typically charge a fee for services. Know what is available to spend before you start pitching and negotiating potential partnerships.


  • Prepare Assets: The most engaging activations will include a mix of the brand’s assets and an influencer’s unique perspective. Most content creators look to the partner to provide images, graphics, priority messages, or calls to action. Have assets ready before you start outreach.


Once goals, audiences, assets, and budgets are confirmed, your team will be ready to identify, evaluate, and negotiate with the right influencers for your program. Read more about how BRG evaluates and matches the right creators to the right programs here.