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Choosing the Right Mix of Healthcare Influencers to Amplify Your Message


Relationships with influencers have quickly become an essential part of a 360 communications program. A person’s healthcare journey often begins online, so developing relationships with trusted influencers who are already reaching your priority audiences could extend your message, increase campaign engagement, and drive brand awareness in an authentic way.

With so many different types of influencers out there, it can be tough to know where to start. Through BRG’s experience evaluating and negotiating hundreds of influencer relationships, our team has identified some content creator categories that healthcare brands should consider:

  • Align with Experts: Doctors, researchers, nurses and other healthcare professionals can add a level of credibility to your effort. Partnering with providers can be a great way to reach people who are specifically interested in learning about a health condition and treatment options.


  • Highlight Patient Stories: A personal narrative can be a very powerful tool. Patients and caregivers often search for shared experiences when they are faced with a health issue. While patient-centered influencers may not have the largest following, they will likely have a highly engaged and loyal audience.


  • Think Local: Does your story have any regional or local data? Are there local policy issues that are relevant to specific states? Look for influencers who may focus on specific states or regions to highlight data and angles that may be most relevant to different parts of the country.


A strategic combination of personal, professional, and local perspectives can create a well-rounded influencer program and help your brand reach new audiences, raise awareness, and inspire behavior change. Start researching and engaging with influencers in your issue space now to begin building authentic relationships before your next public relations campaign.