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5 Corporate Website Topics That Have The Potential To Increase Sales

As we reflect on our experience at Social Media Marketing World hosted by Social Media Examiner, we are sharing 10 takeaways from the conference over ten days.

Takeaway 9: Treat your corporate website like a learning center to drive conversion (sales)

Two compelling statistics:

  • 60% of a sales process is over before a company knows a prospect exists
  • 70% of a buying decision is made before a sales prospect contacts a company

What can you do to improve the likelihood that a website visitor becomes a customer?

First, make sure your website and/or blog directly addresses these 5 topics:

corporate website topics

Marcus Sheridan challenged attendees to set up learning centers online designed to answer the hard questions. Adopt a “they ask, we answer” philosophy online to increase trust.

Post a large volume of useful content. Marcus revealed that on average, a potential client is willing to read 30+ pages on a website. If they read 30 pages, they have an 80% chance of buying from your brand. If you don’t have 30 pages between your website and blog, it’s probably time to develop more content.