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Sometimes You Have To Disconnect To Connect

Phone stack BRG CommunicationsThis week I attended ImpactNext, an all-day seminar about mastering the digital channel and creating awesome content online, offered by Chris Brogan. My usual response to this kind of event is to Tweet the heck out of it, and connect with like-minded attendees online and offline. If I miss a nugget being shared, I usually see it on Twitter.

Are you like this too?

ImpactNext was different. Despite the fact that nearly everyone in the room was a social media type, Tweets were few and far between. The general “I’m here, let’s meet,” greetings were Tweeted, and I followed all of those people online. As we dove in, something strange happened for the social media crowd. Devices were put away. People talked to each other face-to-face. People took notes on Word, Evernote and even paper. Later Chris Brogan encouraged people to meet for meals and get to know one another. That happened, and people stayed (mostly) offline.

As wired as I am to be online. I didn’t even notice that I was mostly offline for the day, because I was truly present in the moment.

The art of being present in the moment (The why)

On the train home, it struck me that a behavioral shift happened at the seminar, even if for one day. A group of always-connected people organically went offline and chose the moment. I can’t speak for the other attendees, but in my opinion, it was the perfect balance of being social online, and being present in real life. It felt like the old days, mixed with the best of modern times, and it was beautiful.

By (mostly) disconnecting, I was able to focus on the seminar, and the people before me without distractions. I absorbed the information. I set in motion relationships, deeper than any I could ever create online.

Communications For Better Living™ (The balance)

At BRG we believe awareness and education can ignite positive changes in the way people live. This experience touched on both of those topics. It brought to light a behavioral change I need to make so I can have stronger, more balanced experiences in real life. Sometimes you have to disconnect to connect.

What about you?

Do you struggle with finding the balance between connecting online and in real life? Tell us about it in the comments!