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How to Create a Successful Influencer Pitch


Brands spend billions activating with influencers each year. As the marketplace becomes more crowded and competitive, marketers are challenged to create partnership opportunities that are unique, valuable, and authentic. BRG’s best practices for developing effective influencer pitches include:


  • Do your Research: Become familiar with their content and think of potential ways the creator could authentically relate to your brand or campaign. Creators are looking for partnerships that are of interest to their audience so learn more about their followers and what sparks conversation.


  • Develop an Actionable Offer: Influencers thrive on engagement, so give them an action to promote. We find content creators often prefer opportunities to drive action more than just sharing tips or statistics. A tangible call to action, such as an opportunity to share, donate, or sign up, will be more appealing to most influencers.


  • Define Clear Expectations: Before you start working with an influencer, make sure you’re clear about what you expect from them. This includes the number of posts, key messages, links, or hashtags. Stating your wish list for a successful partnership will help a creator know if the opportunity will work for them.


  • Keep it Simple: Most influencers are not full-time content creators. Ready-to-use assets and a reasonable timeline will help make your pitch more appealing.


With a compelling offer ready to go, it is time to reach out! As you pitch, negotiate and work with influencers, always remember this is a partnership. Influencers will put their unique voice and perspective into the content, which will ultimately help your brand resonate with their audience. Good luck!