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3 Google Analytics Tips for Communicators

As we reflect on our experience at Social Media Marketing World hosted by Social Media Examiner, we are sharing 10 takeaways from the conference over ten days.

Takeaway 7: Make the most of Google Analytics

You’re probably using Google Analytics to measure the basics, such as website pageviews, visitors, and popular content, but are you making the most of the service? Are you measuring the right things for your organization?

Three key Google Analytics tips:

  1. Google Analytics has the power to help marketers predict anomalies, breakouts, and trends on owned corporate websites and drive improved content. Check out Chris Penn’s work to learn more about using Google Analytics to spot trends. (Related- Chris also put out a great blog post this week about the basics of social media marketing analytics tools.)
  2. Use Google Analytics to see the flow of your users throughout your site. Where do users drop off? Where do you want them to go? To help move your visitors from point A to B, link new content to existing content. Don’t forget to link old pages to your newer content. This will help users navigate through your site, and it will increase the relevance of your site in search.
  3. Set up your Google Analytics to track what people look for in search on your site. Are users consistently looking for a keyword that isn’t answered by your site? Set up the “Report of Broken Dreams” as outlined by Andy Crestodina. Click here. (See #12)

Want to learn more about Google Analytics? Become certified here.

Google Analytics tips for communicators


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