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5 Internet Slang Terms Communicators Should Know [Tips]

Over the last few months, we’ve noticed an interesting trend. Brands are starting to use Internet slang terms in their social media posts. If you don’t keep up with the kids, some of the newer acronyms and words might leave you scratching your head. Not to worry, we’re here to help you out.


What it means: In case you missed it.
Why it’s cool: It saves a lot of characters, and gives you an excuse to re-share your existing content.
Communications tip: If you’re sharing widespread news or old content, using ICYMI is a good idea.

ICYMI definition


What it means: Too long, didn’t read.
Why it’s cool: This acronym sets reader expectations for the length of your content, and provides a summary for those who don’t want to read more. TL;DR helps marketers spread complicated message with a simple summary.
Communications tip: TL;DR can make long-form content more palatable. Teens, millennials, and people of all ages in the tech community are most familiar with this acronym.

TL;DR definition

On fleek

What it means: The quality of being perfect.
Why it’s cool: It has been widely adopted by young adults, and can be used in a serious or sarcastic manner.
Communications tip: This is a very trendy term among young adults, but be ready for some criticism if you incorporate it into your communications. The Tweet below, for example, was equally loved and hated by JetBlue’s fans.

on fleek definition


What it means: Before anything/anyone else. Used primarily by teenagers as a term of endearment.
Why it’s cool: Bae doesn’t have negative connotations. It can be used as a nickname (Thanks bae), or a statement (Tacos bae).
Communications tip: If you have a young target audience, you can have some fun with this term. While this word might not be right for your communications, it is gaining in popularity, and you may see it in online messages directed at your brand. It’s a compliment!

bae definition


What it means: To be honest.
Why it’s cool: It sets the stage for tone. If you see #TBH, it’s about to get real.
Communications tip: This term hasn’t been widely adopted by brands, however, people are using #TBH in messages directed to brands to convey their honest opinions. #TBH is used most commonly used to convey negative feedback.

TBH definition