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How Location-Based Advertising Can Incite Action

Think of location-based advertising as a digital point of sale. It allows you to reach consumers or donors when and where they are most likely to make a decision and take action. As with many campaigns, when there is a clear call-to-action for consumers to vote, make donations, purchase products and more, inciting action is critical to achieving success.

3 Things to Remember with Location-Based Advertising:

1. Set the Right Budget: With all advertising, know your goal and keep it in mind as you set a budget and plan. A lower budget could be best used for a quick, targeted campaign, while a very high budget could help you reach an audience that is vast and generalized.

2. Target Your Audience: Know who you want to reach. Location-based advertising works best if the audience is well-defined, the location is very specific and additional targeting is controlled.

Within location-based advertising, there are multiple terms that help you define your audience for your campaign, including geo-fencing, geo-targeting and geo-filtering. Contact us to learn more.

3. Develop Compelling Creative: Creative is key to the success of the ads. Understanding your audience and staying true to your brand represented can be tricky with visuals, but necessary. The ads are small and need to convey a call to action very quickly while at the same time be eye-catching enough to make the audience engage with it.

Overall, there are a variety of ways to encourage audiences to take action for a campaign. When you have budget for advertising included in your program, location-based advertising can be a great way to reach individuals when they are more likely to engage.

Contact us to learn more about how you can use location-based advertising to incite consumer action for your campaign.