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Elevate Your News With Public Relations Research

public relations research

Making stories newsworthy is a challenge many public relations professionals face. One approach that the team at BRG Communications uses with success is to conduct research and apply the findings to a story or campaign. Depending on an organization’s objectives, research can help uncover consumer perceptions, discover trends, or reveal data relevant to news.

5 ways research can boost your news:

  • Add value to news that isn’t completely new, possibly making it more interesting to reporters
  • Uncover trends that relate to your story, making your story more newsworthy
  • Reveal unexpected consumer perceptions that can strengthen your messaging, story and approach to media
  • Uncover concrete data that proves the need or impact of your product/service offering/campaign
  • Help sustain momentum after a launch by providing a burst of new information

Have you considered conducting research to inform or enhance your communications? Contact us today.