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Repurpose Social Media Content [Tips]

Last week we had the pleasure of attending Social Media Marketing World hosted by Social Media Examiner. Now that the conference is over, it’s time to reflect on some of the prominent takeaways from the conference. Each day for the next 10 days, we will share one takeaway from the conference.

Takeaway 1: Repurpose social media content

We’re all familiar with the mantra “create once and use often.” That theme definitely rang true at Social Media Marketing World. To make the best use of time and to get the most of your social media content, create work that can be used or expanded on in many other ways.

One example:

  • Create and promote a blog post
  • Later, make images based on the blog, and share those images
  • Put those images in a Slideshare deck, and distribute the deck
  • Create an audio or video version of the post, perhaps with some extra details within
  • Send the post along with the complimentary video via an email newsletter

Of course this mix might vary based on your audience and your content, but you get the idea. Your starter content doesn’t need to be a blog. You might start with a newsletter or a visual or a downloadable document, and go from there.

how to repurpose social media content

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