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Six Social Engagement Tips for Conference Attendees

Attending conferences is pricey, often involves travel and means time out of the office, so getting the most out of it is important to see the value in going to them.

As you prepare to attend a conference, here is a checklist with six social engagement must dos:

Social Checklist as an Industry Conference Attendee:

– Know and follow the social media handles of the key presenters. Conferences go by quickly and there is typically not a lot of downtime for research. Knowing the presenters and their handles ahead of time will help you be prepared when you want to Tweet something that they’ve said.

– Determine the official hashtag for the conference. Using the correct hashtag will allow for Tweets to be easily found by other attendees and conference organizers, enlarging the audience who will see and potentially engage with them.

– Choose your seat carefully. A picture says a thousand words. Make sure you are able to capture great photos during a presentation for use on your posts.

– Identify industry hashtags. Research prior to the conference any industry hashtags so that they are on the top of your mind. Using these hashtags will make them more authentic and easily viewed by others in the industry.

– Know before you go. If someone from your organization is speaking, ask for a copy of their presentation so you can prepare messages that should be Tweeted during the presentation.

– Repurpose content. Like, share and retweet posts by others. This is a great way to follow new people and share the burden of quickly gathering quotes.


After the conference is over, keep in mind that your photos and notes can inform a post-conference blog. Review the conference hashtag to see what others found engaging, your own notes and what was published from your company about the conference to identify a noteworthy topic that demonstrates your company’s expertise and innovative thought.