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This Vine Leaves Customers Wanting More

Is Vine the next big thing? That’s the question we posed in late January shortly after the launch of the platform. Our conclusion? Like all things social media, it depends on your goals and demographic.

Last night I was making reservations for Founding Farmers, a local restaurant that focuses on bringing sustainable agriculture to the table. I went there last weekend and had a good experience, so later this month I am taking a family member there for dinner. As I was telling her about the restaurant, I told her to look at the drink menu because it is unique, and right up her alley.

As she was going through the menu, I sent the restaurant the following Tweet:

This morning, I received a response. At first glance, it looked like a regular tweet, but then I noticed the Vine link within.

There are a few things that are amazing about this application of Vine:

  • It appears to have been handcrafted just for me. If you dig into Vine, you’ll notice that it was created seven days ago, but it certainly doesn’t feel that way.
  • I feel like I can touch, smell and maybe taste that drink.
  • 2.8% of Twitter’s highly active users have an account on Vine, but I don’t need a Vine account to watch the video! All I have to do is click “view media” from Twitter.

In other words, it’s visual show and tell. Six seconds is enough to tell this story. I wish Founding Farmers would create a Vine for each of their drinks!

Takeaway: If you have something to show your fans, and they are on Twitter, Vine is a tool you should consider using.