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35 Proven Approaches to Blog Posts

35 types of blog postsIf you’re a blogger, you know that coming up with a unique mix of content on a consistent basis can be challenging. You might have a great idea, but do you know the most interesting, palatable, and useful way to present it to your readers?

Before you pen your next post, reference this list of 35 different types of blog posts.

  1. Answer a question
  2. Ask the experts (panel)
  3. Beginner’s guide
  4. Best of
  5. Best Practices
  6. Case study
  7. Cheat sheet
  8. Company news
  9. Comparison
  10. Crowd source a question
  11. Curated content
  12. Customer stories
  13. Data driven
  14. Follow up on old post
  15. How To
  16. Hypothetical scenario
  17. Infographic
  18. Interview a thought leader (one on one)
  19. Inspirational
  20. Latest trend and/or hot topic
  21. List
  22. Live post from a conference
  23. Nitty gritty
  24. Problem with an actionable solution
  25. Products and services tips
  26. Rant
  27. Review
  28. “Secrets”
  29. Share a presentation
  30. “Should” ask question
  31. Timesaver (life hack)
  32. Two contrasting strong opinions
  33. Video
  34. What if
  35. What NOT to do

What would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments!