WEBINAR: Is It Time to Rebrand?

Whether it is due to a merger, new leadership, changing audience demographics or to just keep pace with the competition, at some point all organizations come to the question “Is it time rebrand”? 

During this webinar on September 17, 2019, BRG Communications Founder and President, Jane Barwis and Joanna Pineda, CEO of Matrix Group International, will address when and how to approach a rebrand for your organization. Through their combined background working with leading associations, nonprofits and corporations, they will discuss the key considerations before deciding to rebrand, how to develop a successful rebranding plan and how to fuel equity and position with your brand (new or not).

You will learn:

  • Criteria to determine when it’s time to rebrand
  • Elements to consider for creating and launching a successful brand
  • Transition strategies for multi-stakeholders
  • When to hold onto existing brand
  • How to build deeper equity in your current or new brand