3 Tips to Make Your Call-to-Action User-Friendly

Donate now, share, volunteer, vote, sign here, snap a photo, pour a bucket of ice on your head, wear pink. As consumers, we have hundreds of cause campaigns telling us to do something at any given time. But have you noticed which campaign calls-to-action actually drive results?

It is critical that a call-to-action engages audiences and delivers results that truly make an impact for the cause. Here are some things to keep in mind to ensure your call-to-action motivates your audience.

1. Create Clarity About Impact on the Cause
Before participating in a campaign, people want to understand how their action will truly make an impact on the cause that’s being promoted.

We work with Red Gold on its cause marketing hunger campaign that calls on families to help families in need.

Their campaign message, a BOGO (buy one, give one) – “1 can = 1 meal” – can’t get much clearer to demonstrate impact for the cause. By breaking down the action, consumers immediately understand how their participation can make a difference for American families in need.

2. Speak to Your Unique Audience
If you conduct multiple campaigns throughout the year, tailoring your call-to-action to different audience interests is an effective approach. Having multiple ways to accomplish your campaign call-to-action will help meet the needs of different types of audience and maximize possibilities of people participating.

One organization that does a great job of creating options for individuals to participate is Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign.

This organization’s overall mission is to end child hunger in America. This message has the opportunity to connect with a wide range of audiences at any given time throughout the year. In order to engage the interests of these different audiences, Share Our Strength offers various activities consumers can do that all relate back to their main call-to-action – to provide meals.

3. Simplify the Cause & Ask
One of the most important things to do is remember to meet your audience where they are so that the lift is easy and not time-consuming.

Another campaign we admire that turns a complex issue and end-goal into an easy lift for consumers is LifeStraw’s Follow the Liters cause marketing humanitarian program.

This program is about implementing long-term safe water programs in Kenya. However, the action for consumers is to buy any LifeStraw product to result in one school child receiving safe drinking water in Kenya for an entire school year.

This action is included on all of the packaging of all LifeStraw products, print and digital ads, and social media. By reaching consumers through a number of different channels it simplifies the action for each person based on their purchasing preference, whether that be online or in-person.

Are you planning a cause campaign and need to identify the best call-to-action to maximize participation? We can help.