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BRG Joined Local Nonprofit to Help Girls with Career Preparation

This past weekend, BRG participated in local nonprofit, Girls Inspired and Ready to Lead, Inc. (GIRL)’s, 5th Annual Career Conference. The conference focused on helping 6th -12th grade girls start preparing for college and a broad range of potential careers by interacting with local professional women.

GIRL was selected to receive a $15,000 donation from BRG in honor of BRG’s 15th anniversary last year. This donation to GIRL has allowed us to connect with our community and specifically help empower teenage girls.

To kick-off the day, BRG team members, Allison Kassel and Maureen Salazar, hosted a workshop for the more than 90 girls. Allison and Maureen shared with the girls the importance of building and communicating brands accurately and worked with each of them to write their own elevator pitch. Developing and practicing delivering elevator pitches helped the girls better network and present their personal brands – similar to how we help companies and executives present themselves.

“It was so inspiring to see young girls with such great ambition. Each girl we talked to had incredible drive and motivation, and it was clear that they have very bright futures ahead of them. I’m looking forward to seeing their continued accomplishments.” – Allison Kassel, Associate Account Director, BRG Communications.

Through the workshop, the girls crafted their own introductions to a teacher, coach or business professional. The introductions showcased the subjects they like in school, what they do outside of school and how it relates to what they want to be when they join the workforce. They all practiced delivering their elevator pitches among peer groups and a handful of girls presented to all attending the conference.

“I knew that we would be teaching the girls about what we do, but I wasn’t expecting to learn so much from them. Their ambition to reach their full potential was inspiring and it was great to see the support they showed to one another.” – Maureen Salazar, Senior Account Manager, BRG Communications.