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The Impact Of Wearable Technology For The Health And Wellness Marketer

Consumers now have direct access to many new technological devices and gadgets that put their health and wellness in their own hands. In turn, brands and medical professionals now have a new channel for connecting with end-users.

Individuals will use and trust wearable technology to proactively achieve wellness, and to manage illness

One of the early drivers for the consistent use of health and wellness wearable technology has been access to a new level of personal data that can help inform health decisions. Individuals desire this data, and studies show that because people respond to persuasion tactics they can understand, well-designed feedback has the capacity to change behavior.

Today, consumer wearables account for 63% of the market, showcasing the desire consumers have to live healthier lives. Pundits affirm that data, predicting that wearables will reshape the health industry beginning with health and fitness wearables like wristbands and watches.

With the proliferation of wearable technology comes a new communication channel: wearable devices

wearable technology marketing

Just as mobile became a viable channel to communicate with consumers, so will wearable technology. For the first time, brands and physicians will have 24-hour, moment-by-moment access to active customers. Brands and physicians will be able to use continuously collected personal data to create valuable communications touch points with individual customers and patients in the right way, at the right moment.

Imagine, for example, a consumer wearing a device in their shoes to track exercise and weight. Direct-to-customer experiences could include:

  • Education and awareness.
    • “Great job walking today! Did you know that runners reduce their risk of heart disease by 4.5 percent when they run an hour a day? Walkers who exert the same amount of energy reduce their risk of heart disease by more than 9 percent.”
  • Accomplishment driven relationship building.
    • “We see you’ve lost 20 pounds in the last 6 months. Download this badge and share it with your friends.”
  • Motivational moments.
    • “We see you haven’t walked for a while. Go for a walk today, and we’ll donate $1 per mile to charity organization.”
  • Sales at the right time, in the right way.
    • “You’ve walked 300 miles! Congratulations! It’s time for some new shoes. We recommend the following products…”

We are in an exciting period of time for wearable technologies. From a communications perspective, education, awareness, doctor-patient relationship building and communication, and consumer and patient call to action just scratch the surface of the communications possibilities.

What wearable technology communications opportunities do you see for health and wellness brands and the medical community? 

Photo Credit: Flickr, giuseppe.costantino