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Simple Tips to Elevate Your Next Consumer Awareness Campaign

We are happy to be working with Walmart again this Giving Tuesday and throughout the holidays, as they launch the Food Pantry Holiday Makeover campaign, a nationwide effort calling the public to vote online to help food pantries across the country win money for facility makeovers this holiday season. The 75 food pantries with the most online votes by December 12 will be awarded $20,000 each ($1.5 million total) to purchase new equipment, and renovate facilities to help safely store, prepare, serve and transport food to some of the 49 million Americans in need.

There are many tactics we’re executing upon to generate visibility and online votes for Walmart’s Food Pantry Holiday Makeover. Here are some you might find interesting, especially as you think about campaigns coming your way in 2015.

Clear call to action

One of the great things about this campaign is that voting for a food pantry online is an easy and free way anyone can give back to their community. We tied our messaging to this simple call to action: “Cast one vote for a local food pantry online everyday between December 2 and December 12. Click here to vote.”

How can you simplify your call to action during your next campaign? What one thing are you asking your audience to do?

Celebrity spokesperson

To reach the right audience, in the right way, BRG secured DIY expert and TV host, James Young, to expand the reach of the message, make the campaign relatable and useful to consumers, and call consumers to vote. He is also providing fun DIY holiday tips, like these: (We love #9!)

James Young DIY Holiday Tips

Is there a celebrity spokesperson that would especially drive home the message of your campaign, and resonate with your audience? How could you utilize their talents to amplify your campaign?

Useful videos

When launching a campaign, it’s important to make the purpose of the campaign, and the call to action clear for target audiences. BRG worked with Walmart to create sharable videos, like this animated white board video, that explain the campaign, and how everyday people can join Walmart in giving to their local communities:

Sharable images

We live in a visual age where people often respond more favorably to images than text. When people believe in a cause, they often want to show their support online. For this campaign we created a number of images to be shared online to increase awareness of the campaign. The visuals are simple, and show consumers where they can vote to give to their local communities.

Sharable Social Media Image

Consumer Awareness Campaign

How could you present your campaign in a visual manner that drives action? Can you make your image visually pleasing enough that your audience wants to click “share?”

Pitch the media

A recent study from the American Press Institute showed that 82% of Americans consume news on television, 66% read the newspaper or digital versions of the newspaper, 56% listen to the radio for news, and 56% of adults with cellphones gather news on social media sites. It’s important to reach your target audience(s) where they consume news. We are currently leveraging the assets we’ve shared with you today as well as others, to pitch the right media, in the right way, at the right time, with the right story. USA Today has already covered Walmart’s Giving Tuesday news. More to come!

Where does your audience consume the news? If you have a widespread audience, you might want to create a more broad media strategy. If you are targeting a niche audience, you may want to focus on one or two communications channels.

Communications for Better Living®

This holiday season Walmart is improving the lives of Americans in need one food pantry at a time. We encourage you to join Walmart in the spirit of giving this holiday season and vote through December 12.

To learn more about how BRG help you create or promote your upcoming consumer awareness campaign, activation campaign, or public education campaign, contact us today.