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The Friday Five: April 20, 2012

Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to the second edition of the BRG Communications Friday Five. Each week we’ll be sharing some of the more important, interesting and heartwarming public relations and social media stories of the week.

Discovery fly-by

Here at BRG, we had an especially exciting start to our week when the space shuttle Discovery passed by our office on the way to the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum.

Dick Clark

Dick Clark died this week, which was incredibly sad news. He changed the game in music and his legacy will live on. There was a lot of coverage about his life and his legacy, but we especially loved this piece remembering Dick Clark’s publicist Gene Shefrin.

Google+ and Facebook get a refresh

Last week G+ announced a big refresh. At the same time, Facebook increased the image size of personal profile pictures without warning. This week Facebook announced (via a note in weekly page report emails) that on April 26, business pages would have the new 160 X 160 profile size too. Here’s how it seems to go: G+ makes a change, Facebook responds. Facebook makes a change, G+ responds. It’s like watching siblings fight. Stay tuned for more inevitable changes.

Lessons in high-profile crisis management

On Thursday night, Judy Smith appeared on the Daily Show to discuss high-profile crisis management. We thought it was a great interview with actionable advice for big brands going through hard times. We really love her philosophy of telling the truth. Check out the entire episode here. The interview starts around the 17-minute mark.

Tupac returns… in hologram form

In other news, the Tupac hologram created a lot of buzz this week. Tupac was ‘brought back from the dead’ last weekend at Cochella, where his eerily lifelike hologram performed alongside Snoop Dogg. Immediately after the performance, his hologram set up an account on Twitter (NSFW). Only one week later, the account has over 33,000 followers. Sometimes the power of Twitter is pretty amazing.

Have a great weekend everyone!