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5 Strategies to Build Authenticity into Campaigns

While making an authentic connection with your audience is the desired outcome for most campaigns, all too often companies fall into the temptation of using an A-list celebrity, popular timing hook or trendy event. At the end of the day, this type of approach does not build a true connection with your target audience or offer your campaign longevity.

Don’t just fall into a splashy approach without considering strategies that will authentically connect with your audience.

#1: Create a unique campaign narrative
Don’t compete for share of voice and visibility. Create a campaign platform that connects your audience, brand and call-to-action in a meaningful, relevant way. This will organically shift your narrative into a space that is unique to your organization.

Separate your campaign from the clutter by taking a deeper look at how it can tell a unique story based on your brand mission, values and promise. Analyze your company foundation and history, take into account the customer experience and emotional connection to the brand, and speak with employees and executives to identify unique attributes. As you start to dig into your brand’s characteristics, a narrative you can own should naturally emerge.

#2: Give your audience a role
Give your audience a role in the campaign. Whether it’s a competition, a call for votes or a photo challenge, one thing is for sure – when an audience feels like they are doing more than just purchasing a product or making a pledge, they will remember your brand for a long time to come.

#3: Leverage brand voices
A campaign intrinsically has an army of voices to spread the word in a relevant way – executives, employees and customers. Identify and use them to make your campaign meaningful and credible. There is power in a variety of voices coming together on a single campaign message. Use that variety to make your program surround your audience.

#4: Use data to define your campaign
Data validates your narrative. Whether creating fresh data by commissioning a survey that supports the story you are trying to tell or incorporating existing research with a fresh spin, your audience will find meaning, news and interest in credible findings aligned with your campaign.

#5: Identify a valuable spokesperson
Selecting a spokesperson should not be a popularity contest. A valuable spokesperson is one that is relevant and passionate. This person or people should have a direct connection or influence to both your audience and the subject-matter (ex: author, subject-matter expert, etc.). Look beyond reach numbers when selecting your ideal spokesperson.