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Tune into Podcasts to Amplify Your Brand

A primer on the flu for medical students. A deep dive into Bitcoin. Interviews with top entrepreneurs on starting a small business. What do these things have in common? They’re just a few examples of the great expanse of podcast themes and platforms – proving that no matter what industry sector your brand falls, your message can find a home on this medium.

Are you tuned in to podcasts when it comes to amplifying your brand? You should be. More than 57 million Americans listen to podcasts every month and of those listeners, the majority are affluent and educated consumers who are more likely to consume ad-free or ad-light media.

Here’s how you can tune in to podcasts and leverage them to reach your audiences:

• Make Like Blue Apron: Ever wonder why it seems like every podcast plays ads for brands like Blue Apron, Casper and MeUndies? It’s because they’ve figured something out: while their target audience of educated, high-earning millennials are fast-forwarding commercials on TV (or cutting out cable entirely) and turning the page on print ads, they’re listening to ads on podcasts and building a relationship with brands in an intimate setting over hundreds of episodes.

And they aren’t just listening. According to AdWeek, 75 percent of podcast listeners are taking action on a sponsored message.

• Be Our Guest: With podcast audiences growing rapidly and competition for top billing on weekly lists of top podcasts growing stiff, hosts are clamoring for exciting content, dynamic guests and interesting perspectives. In the last month, Joe Rogan has hosted a neuroscientist, a gun rights activist, a chef and a stand-up comedian on his #1 ranked podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience.

Pitching podcasts should be part of an integrated communications outreach plan. With podcasts reaching both general consumer and hyper-niche audiences, your spokesperson should be pitched to podcasts right alongside radio, television, online and print outreach.

• Play Host: At BRG, we’ve worked with clients who have taken their message to the airwaves through podcasts of their own. This is a great way to amplify annual conferences and further engage stakeholders, spread news about a new initiative or product offering and highlight the thought leadership of your organization’s principal among other benefits.

Podcasting is no passing trend. Is your brand tuned into the limitless potential of podcasts to amplify your message? We can help.